Planning Board


Membership of the Board is comprised of 6 elected regular members, and 4 alternate members appointed by the Planning Board. Also participating is a member of the Board of Selectmen, appointed annually, who is empowered with regular voting abilities. For information about the Planning Board, their Rules of Procedure can be found by viewing the Planning Board Rules of Procedure (PDF).

The candidacy filing period for regular positions takes place in January, and is subject to a deadline. For more information on how to register your candidacy for an elected board or commission in Windham, please Email the Town Clerk.


The Planning Board deals primarily with Site Plan and Subdivision reviews for adherence to local and state requirements. Persons interested in meeting with the Board should contact the Planning Director at 603-432-3806. Any correspondence should be directed to:

Planning Director
3 North Lowell Road
Windham, NH, 03087

  1. Tom Earley


    Term Expires:  2025

  1. Derek Monson

    Vice Chair

    Term Expires:  2024

  1. Alan Carpenter

    Regular Member

    Term Expires:  2026

  1. Jennean Mason

    Regular Member

    Term Expires:  2025

  1. Jacob Cross

    Regular Member

    Term Ends:  2026

  1. Matt Rounds

    Regular Member

    Term Expires: 2024

  1. Roger Hohenberger

    BOS Ex-Officio Member

  1. Bruce Breton

    BOS Ex-Officio Alternate Member

  1. Pam McCarthy

    Alternate Member

    Term Expires:  2025

  1. Tim Zurowski

    Alternate Member

    Term Expires:  2026

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