IT / GIS Department

Providing Information Technology Support Services to all Town employees and Elected Officials, as well as Volunteers.

What is GIS?

Geographic Information systems are important to everyone, from the ubiquitous GPS Unit (also referred to as a "Smart Phone" ) in your hand, to the vastly important field of Emergency Management. We can't avoid the troubles that mother nature gives us, but we can be better prepared. Geographic Information is key to that preparedness.

All maps distort the world in some ways. They make it look flat and tiny, and they take away almost all of the stuff that you see when you look at the real world. Similarly, all representations of data (graphs, tables, charts) distort the things they represent, in order to make it easy to see some mathematical relationship. This page describes some of the decisions we make for displaying data in the maps.

For example, the town zoning map clearly indicates areas of business concentration, but not levels of concentration. Another way to indicate business concentration would be to use color to show one or all of the following variables: Number of Employees, Average Number of Customers (vehicles), for example.

Town MapsGIS System Website

This page provides access to Geographic Information System (GIS) data for the Town of Windham including aerial photography,  property parcel cards and related data, zoning districts, and other  mapped information.

This site allows users to search parcels by  property owner, address, or parcel, and to perform tasks including measurements, map creation and identifying abutters.

Trail Maps

View the local trail maps around the Windham area.

Planning Board / Zoning Board / Conservation

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