2021 Annual Town Meeting Information

Official Ballot Results

Updated March 9, 2021


2021 Deliberative Session Procedures

February 1, 2021: To the residents and voters of the Town of Windham, please be advised of the following regarding the Town Deliberative Session process, some of which has been changed in response to the ongoing pandemic. 

Zoom meeting information: Call 1-646-876-9923   Meeting ID: 81343033154   Passcode: 2021

  • The Deliberative Session will begin at 9AM on Saturday, February 6, 2021 in the auditorium of the High School. 
  • The meeting will be televised live on local channel 22.
  • All attendees will be required to wear a mask and maintain 6’ of distance from others. The auditorium, which seats 600, provides ample room for social distancing.
  • Those who wish to attend, but cannot or will not wear a mask, will be directed to the Media Room, where the Session will be broadcast remotely.
  • For those not in attendance, questions may be posed of the Board, the Moderator, or presenters by calling in to the meeting via Zoom at the number provided on the screen during the Session and announced by the Moderator that morning.
  • All motions/seconds/votes will be recognized and conducted in person only. No votes will be accepted via electronic means.
  • At the discretion of the Moderator, the voting window for warrant article(s) under discussion may be extended for a limited period of time (ex. one hour) to allow interested voters not in attendance to travel to the meeting.
  • For any number of reasons, circumstances may change prior to, or the day of, the meeting. Please be sure to check this page for updates, and to tune in or arrive on time to ensure you don’t miss anything. Thank you for your cooperation!

New to the Senate Bill 2/Town Meeting process? 

Learn more about the workings by visiting our SB2 page. As a reminder to all, Zoning Amendments are not discussed at the Deliberative Session, but at a hearing or hearings held by the Planning Board prior to posting of the Town warrant (note - these hearings took place earlier in January, and the amendments included in the Warrant below can no longer be changed).

Important Dates

Mark your calendars:
  • January 12, 2021 - Last day to submit citizen petition for Town warrant (non-appropriation items)
  • January 20, 2021 - Candidacy filing period opens
  • January 29, 2021 - Candidacy filing period ends
  • February 6, 2021 - Town Deliberative Session, 9:00 AM at Windham High School
  • March 9, 2021 - Official Ballot Vote; polls open 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM at Windham High School

For the March Ballot Vote

Last update: January 11, 2021