Local Drought Conditions

AUGUST 25, 2020The Town is currently in severe drought (D2), and the Board of Selectmen has voted as part of their August 24 meeting to implement Level 2 water restrictions.

Beginning Sunday August 30, the Town of Windham will implement new mandatory restrictions on outdoor lawn watering. This is a Town-wide restriction that applies to all residential and commercial private well owners, with limited exceptions*.

To address the increasingly severe drought conditions, the Town of Windham in accordance with policy #WIN 2:00:27:16, “Regulation Restricting Outdoor Lawn Watering”, will implement the following water restriction to help conserve our water resources:

Per Section IV, Sub-section A. Level 2

  1. Outdoor lawn watering by odd numbered addresses is allowed on Mondays and Thursdays.
  2. Outdoor lawn watering by even numbered addresses is allowed on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  3. Outdoor lawn watering shall not occur between the hours of 8AM and 8PM.

If applicable, it is important to reprogram your sprinkler system to the restrictions set forth above. Please note these restrictions pertain to the watering of lawn areas through irrigation, sprinklers, etc., and are not intended to prohibit the periodic watering of vegetable, herb or flower gardens. 

If you are a customer of Pennichuck East Utilities, please ensure you are conforming to any restrictions/bans they have implemented for their systems.

Violations of these restrictions should be reported to the Windham Police Department at 603 434-5577. Penalties include:

  • First violation: Warning
  • Second violation: $200 fine
  • Additional violations: $1,000 fine

The Town of Windham appreciates your effort and cooperation with this Mandatory Water Use Restriction in an effort to sustain our drinking water supply during these dry conditions.

Please monitor www.WindhamNH.gov and the Windham Independent for further guidance and updates. 

We also encourage residents to bookmark the US/State Drought Monitor, which is updated each Thursday.

* Per Section VII, the following are exempt: grass playing turf of a recreational field; grass playing surfaces of a golf course, and; grass agricultural fields, including fields used for the production of sod.