Alerts - Emergency, Life Safety Alerts

What is the Windham Information Notification System (WINS)

WINS is an emergency preparedness and notification platform where you can learn about what to do in case an emergency situation occurs and sign up for local alerts. Sever Weather Events, Chemical Spills, Amber Alerts are examples of the kind of alerts this provides

Is this the same as the Notify Me System?  NO , the notify me system is only used for Non-life threatening notifications.

This is Emergency level notifications, Notify Me is our daily information network

What can WINS do for me?

WINS allows local officials to connect directly to you via text message, email and voice calls to alert you of hazards in your area like:

  • Emergency Alerts
  • Missing Persons
  • Other General Notifications
  • Weather Warnings

Want to Sign Up Click Here?

To sign up for notifications visit WINS and enter your email address in the sign-up box. You can now indicate when you’d like to get alerts, add phone number and addresses to your profile. Most alerts can be sent to you via text message, email and voice call. Once you have chosen all of the alerts that you’d like to receive, save your account. You’ll get an email with a confirmation link that you must click to activate your notifications.

Windham Information Notification System

Why Do You Need My Address?

We can use address location to help target alerts to only those subscribers who need them. For example there may be a gas leak in a particular area, we select the area around the leak and send our notification only to those interested in that area. Multiple addresses can be added if you would like to be notified for alerts at your home, work, school or other family members’ locations.

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