Services Not Provided

Although our duties are quite expansive, there are several services that are not addressed by the Windham Highway Department. These include:

  • Plowing of private driveways and/or parking areas.
  • Repair or replacement of objects located within the Town's right-of-way, such as fences, sprinklers, landscaping and, in nearly all cases, mailboxes.
  • Maintenance / repairs to private or state roadways in Windham. Check Private Roads Page for a list of roadways.
  • Routine maintenance or repairs on unaccepted roadways in Windham. This generally applies to new subdivisions, in which the road has not officially been accepted by the Town. In these cases, emergency maintenance (i.e. plowing or sanding) is performed to allow access by public safety personnel, however, other issues should be referred to your developer. If you're unsure whether your road has been accepted, contact the Community Development Department at 603-432-3806 for more information.