Simpson Cellar Hole


On June 17, 1775 a number of Windham patriots fought the British at Bunker Hill, Charlestown Massachusetts. Included among them was John Simpson, a landowner on what is now Marblehead Road. He was wounded during the battle, losing several fingers from a cannon ball. Back in Windham, he was awarded a pension.

Mr. Simpson's original home on the west side of Marblehead Road, a short distance from Rock Pond, burned to the ground. That cellar hole has been filled. He built a larger home on the opposite side of road in about 1776-78. This cellar hole is now part of the one-acre Simpson Cellar Hole Historic District, voted at Town Meeting in March, 2000.

There are several large pieces of cut granite in this foundation. Also, the district boasts several unique features, including a well-preserved stone-encased well just to the rear of the southeast corner of the site and a large slab of granite extending over the well. The main brook to Rock Pond is close by on the south side of the site.