How far away from my house do I need to be in order to shoot my guns?

Per state law (NH RSA’s 207:3-a, 207:3-c, and 644:13), you may not shoot across or within 15 feet of a road, or “within 300 feet of a permanently occupied dwelling without permission of the owner or the occupant of the dwelling or from the owner of the land on which the person discharging the firearm or shooting the bow and arrow is situated.”  You also may not discharge a firearm within the “compact part of a town or city,” defined as “the territory within a town or city comprised of the following:
 (a) Any nonresidential, commercial building, including, but not limited to, industrial, educational, or medical buildings, plus a perimeter 300 feet wide around all such buildings without permission of the owner.
 (b) Any park, playground, or other outdoor public gathering place designated by the legislative body of the city or town.
 (c) Any contiguous area containing 6 or more buildings which are used as either part- time or permanent dwellings and the spaces between them where each such building is within 300 feet of at least one of the others, plus a perimeter 300 feet wide around all the buildings in such area.”

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