About Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

UPDATE - JUNE 9, 2021: The Board of Selectman, as part of their June 7 meeting, voted to lift the mask requirement for Town buildings for those individuals who are fully vaccinated. Those who are not vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear facial coverings and to continue social distancing. (Note: The Selectmen's action does not apply to the Nesmith Library, as the Library Trustees set policy for their facility).

In addition the Board has voted that, effective immediately, all* town buildings will resume normal operations for full business and, where applicable, use for rental functions by the public. 

*Rental uses of Town Hall by the public will not resume until July 6, 2021. This action also does not apply to the Library. 

No determination has been made as yet regarding resumption of transportation services; please check back for updates.

State Updates

Windham Social Distance, Signs by Donna

The Town Administration commissioned this sign, you will see it at our Parks. 


Special Thanks "Signs by Donna", for their quick turnaround.

  1. Greenway Recreational Trail Partial Closure

    Please be advised that the Nashua Rd/Greenway Recreational Trail between Nashua Rd and Mill Rd will be closed due to erosion issues being addressed. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  2. Basketball & Tennis Courts Closed -10/16/21

    The Griffin Park Basketball Courts and Tennis Courts are closed all day on Saturday October 16, 2021. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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