Economic Development Committee


The Committee is comprised of 11 members. 8 of these members, as appointed by the Board of Selectmen, are either Town residents or are involved in the Windham business community. The remaining 3 are Ex-Officio members of the current Planning Board, Board of Selectmen, and Chamber of Commerce, who are appointed annually by their respective Boards.


The Windham Economic Development Committee (WEDC), was originally formed in 2007 as a subcommittee of the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce. In April of 2010, the Board of Selectmen established the EDC as a Town Committee that they may better assist, counsel, and advise the Citizens of Windham, the Board of Selectmen, other Town Boards and Departments, and Windham businesses, both existing and proposed, on the merits of Economic Development.

It is the mission of the Economic Development Committee to enhance the vitality of the local economy by supporting existing business and attracting new businesses to Windham, encouraging economic development consistent with the Windham Master Plan, and promoting the spirit of the Town Motto: Old Values, New Horizons.

You may learn more about the EDC’s goals toward attaining this mission within their Economic Development Committee Rules (PDF) and the 2016 adopted Economic Development Committee Strategic Plan (PDF).

Public Information/Education

The Communications Subcommittee has been supplying press releases on topics of interest to the business and residential community, which include the following:

Infrastructure Committee - Study Programs

Available Commercial Property in Windham

  1. Kristi St. Laurent


  1. Gary Garfield

    Vice Chair

  1. Dale Valvo


  1. Mitchell Jacoby


  1. Vacant Vacant


  1. Clare Macoul


  1. James Rondestvedt


  1. Theodore Moser

    Alternate Member

  1. Matthew Swoboda

    Alternate Member

  1. Ashley Haseltine

    Greater Salem Chamber Ex-Officio Member

  1. Jennifer Simmons

    BOS Ex-Officio Member

  1. Derek Monson

    Planning Board Ex-Officio Member

  1. Economic Development Committee

    Mailing Address
    3 N Lowell Rd
    Windham, NH 03087

    Phone: 432-3806
    Fax: 432-7362

Regional Economic Development Center (REDC) Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Program

The Town of Windham is part of the Regional Economic Development Center (REDC). A Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is the result of a local planning process designed to guide the economic growth of a region.

Regional Economic Development Center – Annual Report