Windham Trail Network

BackgroundWindham Trails Network Map

Produced in 2001 by the Trails Committee (a Planning Board sub-committee) utilizing a handheld GPS device accurate to +/- 15 feet:

  • Tim Schreiner - Digital data collector and Cartographer
  • Wayne Morris - Member Planning Board and Analog data collector
  • Ross McLeod - Member Planning Board and Conservation Commission

These maps were created in April 2001, by Tim Schreiner, digital data collector and cartographer, Wayne Morris, Conservation Commission member and analog data collector and Ross McLeod, Board of Selectman member and former member of the Conservation Commission. Also available, is a 1998 PDF version of the Walking in Windham Booklet (PDF).

Trails Maps

Legend Details

  • All Roads - State, Town and Private roads
  • Base Map - The Town boundary
  • Conservation Land - These are the Town owned lands
  • Easements and Rows - Town Easements and Rights-of-Way
  • GPS Trails - Woodland roads, and trails collected via handheld GPS device
  • Hydroplane
  • Major Bodies of Water - The Great Ponds of Windham
  • Parcels - Property outlines
  • Rail - Abandoned railroad beds
  • Streams - Streams
  • Trail Road Connections - Roads that connect major trail regions
  • Wetlands - Wetland areas

Permissions (Land Owner Rights)

On all maps, town owned land is indicated in green areas. Rights of way and easements exist as green lines. On these lands the public has the right to pass.

Many of the trails listed on these maps exist as "Discontinued roads." Where these interconnecting discontinued roads abut town-owned land, they are available as a right-of-way for all townspeople to enjoy. Where private lands abut these discontinued roads abutting land-owners have a right of way. Where the trails or discontinued roads exist on private land, remember to ask permission of the land owner.

Discontinued Roads

The list of discontinued roads in Windham include the following. Those marked with an (*), denotes that the town (public) has right to pass over these roads. All others are owned by the abutters.

  • Bissel Camp Road *
  • Bridle Bridge Road
  • Butterfield Rock Road
  • Country Road *
  • Dark Entry Road
  • Governor Dinsmore Road *
  • Haskell Road
  • Hopkins Road *
  • Johnny Hill Road
  • London Bridge Road *
  • Morrison Road
  • Parker Road
  • Pine Hill Road *
  • Spear Hill Road *
  • Witch Hazel Road *