Cemetery Trustees

Meetings - As Needed

  1. Wendi Devlin

    Term Expires 2022

  1. Barbara Coish

     Term Expires: 2020

  1. Bruce Moeckel

     Term Expires: 2021


Consisting of 3 elected members, the Trustees of the Windham Cemeteries are charged with oversight of the cemeteries, sale and maintenance of grave lots, and coordination of interments. The Trustees operate in accordance with State statute, and adhere to their own adopted by-laws, as well. Any questions pertaining to burials, historical cemetery documents, and the like should be referred to the Trustees.

Genealogical Inquiries

All inquiries should be emailed to the Chairman, and will be addressed as expeditiously as we are able.

"Beyond the Wall"

As part of Windham's 275th Anniversary celebration in 2017, the Trustees arranged for a self-guided tour of the Cemetery on the Plains; highlighting some of our well known, and not so well known, past residents. Read or download a PDF of the resulting booklet, "Beyond the Wall".