New Residents Relocating From Out-of-State

Registration Details

For any new resident visiting Town Hall for the first time to establish residency, and process their registrations, please come in at least an hour prior to closing.  

New Hampshire (NH) allows new residents only 60 days to change over driver’s licenses and/or motor vehicle registrations. Make sure that whoever is on the out of state paperwork (i.e title or registration), needs to be the person present at the time of processing the paperwork. If you cannot physically come in and process your own paperwork, you will need a notarized Power of Attorney Form (PDF) for someone else to sign the title application and registration on your behalf. The following documents are what you will need to start titling and registering your vehicle(s):

  1. Present to the Town Clerk’s Office documentation from the closing of your home (ie. HUD statement), or, if renting, you must present 1 of the following: a signed lease or rental agreement, a Notarized Written Statement (PDF) from the current property owner confirming your residency, or a current utility bill within 30 days of service.
  2. NH is a title state, and as such, any existing title must be surrendered at the time of registration. It must be the actual title, a photocopy will not be accepted. If your vehicle is 2000 or newer, you must present your original title from out of state. If your vehicle is 1999 or older, and you do not have a title, you will need to have a 19A Vin Verification Form (PDF) completed by the appropriate party, along with the original bill of sale or purchase contract given at the time of purchase.
  3. If your title is currently held by an out-of-state lienholder or leasing company, at the time of application, bring in current out of state registration, and provide name and address of lienholder or leasing company. The Town Clerk’s Office is not authorized to make request for a title to your lienholder on your behalf. It must be made by the NH Title Bureau. Also, please jot down your current mileage so we can prepare a NH title application for a fee of $2 for the Town and $25 for the State. Upon receipt, they will request your title from your lienholder or leasing company. This process can take up 5 weeks. The Town Clerk’s office will issue your registration and plates at the time of application, but we highly recommend for you to contact your lienholder to release the title to the NH Title Bureau. If you have any questions, then please contact the Title Bureau at 603-271-1045.