Flood Maps & Floodplain Development

Updated Flood Maps for Windham are coming soon! 

FEMA has released updated flood maps for Windham. While these maps are still in the preliminary phase, they will soon become effective, replacing the current FEMA flood maps. Windham is a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program and uses these maps in our floodplain development regulations.    

Residents and business owners are highly encouraged to learn how their property’s flood risk is changing. Learn more: 

  • Use FEMA’s Flood Map Changes Viewer to find out what flood zone your property is in on the preliminary maps. High-risk flood zones start with the letter ‘A’ or ‘V’. 
  • A .pdf of the maps applicable to Windham are linked here
    • Please note that the file is 158,443 KB and may be slow to download. 
    • You can also view the maps on 11" x 17" paper in the Community Development Department.
  • The maps affect flood insurance requirements in some areas. For buildings in high-risk flood zones, flood insurance is required as a condition of a Federally-backed mortgage. Even if you do not have a mortgage, or if you are a renter, the purchase of flood insurance is still highly recommended. Be advised that most standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not include coverage for damage due to flooding. Visit floodsmart.gov or contact your insurance agent to learn more.
  • Read FEMA’s Map Changes and Flood Insurance brochure or contact FEMA’s Mapping & Insurance eXchange helpline at 1-877-336-2627 for general mapping or insurance-related questions.
  • Windham is a participant of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and has floodplain development regulations that helps to protect lives and property from future flooding. Proposed development in high-risk areas, as shown on the flood maps, must meet applicable requirements in the ordinance. To learn more, contact George Frangomihalos – 603-432-3806 – Code@WindhamNH.gov.

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Additional Information

If you have questions about floodplain regulations contact George Frangomihalos, ZBA Code Enforcement Administrator. For more information regarding floodplain building and construction regulations, contact Mike McGuire, Building Inspector.