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Notice to East Nashua Road Residents

April 26, 2017
To the residents and property owners on East Nashua Road:

This letter is to inform you of upcoming work to be done by the Highway Department on this road. This will be a road reconstruction project as done last year further down the road. This year we will be working from Bedros Street to Londonderry Road to complete the project. Several items will need to be addressed prior to the actual start of roadwork.
Due to the intended roadwork several trees will need to be removed while others will need to be limbed and brush will need to be removed along the shoulder area. This is necessary to provide safe clearance around the utility lines, operating room for heavy equipment and adequate sight distance at driveways and intersections for daily traffic upon completion of the work. Again the town highway department will be marking these trees as necessary and will be happy to meet with any of you to further discuss this and or any other concerns you may have in regards to this project.

Actual roadwork will consist of removing stumps and brush, removal of existing pavements, and unsuitable materials from the roadbed. Then any necessary drainage work will be done, shoulders will be shaped as needed and new gravels will be put in place and compacted. Binder pavement will be installed and driveways and intersections will be tied in to the new pavements. Finish pavement will then be completed and shoulders will be graveled or loamed and seeded as necessary to finish the work.

As we spoke to earlier there are several items to address to get this project underway and so we would rather take a little more time in the beginning to get everyone in agreement and have a better job upon completion. We are hopeful we can get going sometime in late May or early June and have the project complete within eight to ten weeks depending on weather and scheduling with different subcontractors. This may lead to some traffic delays during the working hours and we ask for your cooperation and patience with those working on the project. We will make every effort to cause as little disturbance as possible but with roadwork things don’t always go as fast or as well as everyone would like. Hopefully once the work is complete it will be a vast improvement to the present conditions and all will be happy and forgive us for the mess during the ongoing roadwork. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter and as always we look forward to talking with you and addressing any concerns or answering your questions in general about this project.

Jack McCartney
Windham Highway Dept.